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Economy Cyprus

Cyprus Recovery Economy

Cyprus has now turned the page on what the situation in the economy, which is on the road to full recovery, said President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis. At the same time assured that the implementation of the economic program of Cyprus is in orbit.
In his speech at the dinner organized by the Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), in Limassol, on the occasion of the Summit Investor, the President said, inter alia, that the presence of international investors greater range and representatives major companies demonstrates the importance of the Summit, which was first organized.

He noted that the Meeting takes place at a turning point in the modern history of Cyprus, since it is the country enters a new era.

"Today I can say with certainty that we have turned the page," said President Anastasiadis, adding that "the economy is on the road to full recovery of".

Among other things, the President said that the banking sector has been recapitalised, Cyprus reverts to international markets much earlier than count and international lenders Cyprus have recognized the continuing improvements of the economy.

He assured that while the economic program of Cyprus remains fully within the track.

  "Despite the unnecessary, in my opinion, delay in completion of the fifth assessment of the economic adjustment program because of the suspension of the Law on disposals by the Parliament, we remain fully within the track. We remain fully committed to implementing the program" he said.

The President stressed that "we are determined to move forward with implementing a series of bold reforms," adding that the goal is "to develop the international competitiveness of the country and make Cyprus as one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business. "

He added that the Government emphasizes the development of an attractive environment for the businesses, noting that to this end the Government has formulated a comprehensive development strategy reform, aimed at reducing bureaucracy and simplifying procedures and regulations.

He also referred to the processes that go on the authorization and casino-resort function and the development of Marina Agia Napa.

"The Government has put foreign investment as a priority on the agenda," said President Anastasiadis, highlighting the measures taken by the Government to facilitate the attraction of foreign investment in Cyprus.

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